Marina Square Reem Island
城市: 阿布扎比
国家: 阿拉伯联合酋长国
项目开始: 2008
项目竣工: 2010
物业类型: 综合开发项目


STREAM 垃圾自动收集系统
系统类型: 重力真空输送系统
管道总长度: 2,918 米
管道段数: 1
每日产生垃圾总量: 27 公吨


The first phase of development by Al Tamouh Investments in Reem Island is Marina Square, an iconic multi-billion dollars project. It consists of a mixed-use community with residential, commercial and hotel buildings. Marina Square covers a total of 66 acres comprising of built-up space of over 1.13 million square meters. There are 13 residential towers and a corporate office tower complemented by a hotel, serviced suites and an up-market mall, which accommodate approximately 8,500 occupants. Part of their eco-friendly initiatives was to install STREAM Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) that is intended to minimise waste through recycling activities, reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint by removing conventional refuse vehicles, eliminating leachate spillage during waste transportations and diminishing unpleasant odour and visible storage bins.