M Suites Ampang
城市: 吉隆坡
国家: 马来西亚
项目开始: 2011
项目竣工: 2013
产业类型: 住宅


STREAM 垃圾自动收集系统
系统类型: 综合真空输送系统
管道总长度: 200米
管道段数: 1
每日产生垃圾总量: 1.4公吨


M Suites Development consists of 2 towers with 442 small-medium sized units cater for potential high-end buyers located on the Embassy Row, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Our client, Mah Sing Properties would like an innovative waste collection solution to be installed as part of their development initiatives in order to enhance the properties’ value. Our tailor made STREAM Automated Waste Collection Systems (AWCS), both gravity and full vacuum systems provide a seamless waste disposal process, whereby waste can be disposed efficiently through the automated piped system using vacuum technology at high speeds. With these systems in place, there is no more odour and pest issues, waste can be removed regularly for a healthier and cleaner environment and occupants are encouraged to separate their waste at source to support the “green environment”. There is a load station on every floor of each block. The bin centre is located within the building plot due to space restrictions.