Malaysian, aged 62, Executive Director

Sri has started up the company with his business partner in 1991, specialised in the field of central vacuum systems for the residential and commercial sectors. Sri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from the UK.

His core areas of responsibilities include Head of Sales/Marketing, Engineering/Design as well as Research and Development.

His passion for innovation has allowed the company to re-invent several times during the last 24 years by expanding into a growing market for pneumatic conveying systems for the industrial sector, and subsequently into the pneumatic waste collection (a.k.a. Automated Waste Collection Systems, AWCS) – underground piped solid waste transport systems, which is now the sole business of the company. In 1993, the brand name “STREAM” was established.

Sri’s eagerness to see rapid growth in the company led him to develop the international markets of Singapore, U.A.E., Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, with a distinctive achievement in securing the largest single contract for automated waste collection systems in the world for the Al Raha Development in Abu Dhabi. This feat, along with other achievements has advanced the company in the enviable world position of the “fastest-growing company” in this field – which is envisaged as the next leading infrastructure growth area.

His sound background in Engineering and Design together with an astute knowledge of customer needs has helped him to be a leading innovator in this field. Sri has significant experiences in developing patent technology, which is set to create new standards for the next generation of automated waste collection.