Johor State New Administrative Centre
Project Information
City: Johor
Country: Malaysia
Project Startup: 2006
Project Completion: 2008
Sector: Commercial
Stream AWCS
Type of AWCS: Hybrid System
Total Pipe Length: 2,100m
Number of Fractions: 1
Estimated Waste per Day: 10 metric tons


Johor State New Administrative Centre (JSNAC) is the first phase of Nusajaya project. The administrative centre comprises the State Assembly Building, Chief Minister Complex and the Secretariat of the State of Johor, and therefore security level is the main driven factor for an effective waste management solution. STREAM Full Vacuum System was proposed to handle the vast amount of waste generated from the food courts through increasing the frequency of removal, getting rid of unpleasant odour and unsightly bins. Our user-friendly Gravity System was adopted to dispose general waste from the offices. The Central Waste Handling Facilities (CWHF) is located approximately 1.0 km away to prevent unnecessary access to the government office area. STREAM SCADA system allows 24/7 monitoring and any raised issues can be attended promptly.