Royal Malaysian Customs Residential Complex Bukit Gelugor
Project Information
City: Penang
Country: Malaysia
Project Startup: 2004
Project Completion: 2007
Sector: Residential
Stream AWCS
Type of AWCS: Gravity Vacuum System
Total Pipe Length: 800m
Number of Fractions: 1
Estimated Waste per Day: 1 metric tons


Our client required an innovative waste management solution to handle all solid waste generated from the residential development. There are 306 residential units that produce approximately 1 metric ton of waste per day. STREAM Gravity System has the capability to manage the vast amount of waste in an efficient manner whilst ensuring it was designed suitably for all users including children. Load stations are located in each level of the block as well as outdoor areas. Our STREAM system consolidates waste from several blocks and outdoor areas through underground pipe network to a single collection point, the Central Waste Handling Facilities (CWHF) which is located away from the inhabited area. The flatbed armroll truck is able to tow the full container away to the landfill. Our hopper door is designed with volumetric controlled in order to prevent residents from throwing large bulky items which are usually recyclables. Residents are encouraged to take them to designated bin area. STREAM system has been proven to support the overall environmental policies, reduced waste handling costs as well as increased the recycling rates.