Changi Airport Terminal 3
Project Information
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Project Startup: 2004
Project Completion: 2007
Sector: Commercial


Stream AWCS
Type of AWCS: Full Vacuum System
Total Pipe Length: 2,000m
Number of Fractions: 1
Estimated Waste per Day: 10 metric tons


The design philosophy for the terminal was to create a memorable airport experience which captures the Singaporean sense of place. With over 22 million passengers visiting the airport annually, the security concerns posed by Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs) has raised the need for a better solid waste management solution. A fully integrated and automated waste collection system was installed by STREAM. Our system is monitored remotely, without the need of onsite personnel . Furthermore , the Central Waste Handling Facility (CWHF), the point of contact for collection vehicles, is located 1.2 km away from the main terminal building. As a result, valuable spaces can be better utilised for other purposes to generate revenues, such as shop outlets and restaurants.