Singapore In-Flight Catering Centre 2
Project Information
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Project Startup: 2010
Project Completion: 2010
Sector: Industrial


Stream AWCS
Type of AWCS: Full Vacuum System
Total Pipe Length: 200m
Number of Fractions: 1
Estimated Waste per Day: 6 metric tons


SATS In-Flight Catering Centre 2 provides catering facilities for all airlines at the Singapore airport. A large amount of waste is generated from food preparations, and thus having to empty bins on a regular basis to meet the required hygiene standard has been proven to be a critical issue to our client. Besides, staff have been facing great difficulties in moving heavy bins on wet kitchen floor, which could lead to accidents. The centre handles approximately 6 metric tons of food waste per day from all landed flights. The system is connected to a tray stripper for waste collection. Then, the waste is transported via full vacuum piped networks to a sealed container located at the Central Waste Handling Facilities (CWHF). STREAM system is also designed to segregate cutleries at the CWHF. Our system operates 24/7 to ensure that frequent removal of waste help eliminating unpleasant odour created from the wet kitchen waste in particular.