Dakota Residences
Project Information
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Project Startup: 2008
Project Completion: 2010
Sector: Residential


Stream AWCS
Type of AWCS: Gravity Vacuum System
Total Pipe Length: 240m
Number of Fractions: 1
Estimated Waste per Day: 0.9 metric tons


Dakota Residences comprises 348 residential units located at the Dakota Crescent in District 14. The estimated amount of waste generated per day is approximately 0.9 metric ton. STREAM Gravity System, also known as Pneumatic Waste Collection System was designed with the capacity to convey and store up to two days of waste to meet Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) Code of Practice. Five discharge valves were installed below the chutes, and connected in 240m of underground piped network. The waste is discharged regularly by a pre-set timer or upon reaching the pre-set level. As a result, occupants are able to enjoy a quality living in a cleaner and healthier environment. The centrifugal fan is driven by a Variable Speed Drive in order to maximise energy consumption. There are outdoor load stations and indoor load stations (located on every floor in each block) for a quick and convenient waste disposal directly from the inhabited area.