Hatten City
City: 马六甲
Country: 马来西亚
Project Startup: 2013
Project Completion: 2014
Sector: 综合开发项目


STREAM 垃圾自动收集系统
Type of AWCS: 综合真空输送系统
Total Pipe Length: 360米
Number of Fractions: 1
Estimated Waste per Day: 2.38公吨


Hatten City is an award winning township spanning 25 acres across the Straits of Malacca. Its burgeoning locality in historical Malacca boasts a spectacular composition of retail experience, vibrant lifestyle and premier home living, all under one roof. STREAM  has brought in smart solution to managing waste for Hatten City’s Silverscape, Hatten Suites, the internationally acclaimed Hilton chain of hotels and Elements Mall. The STREAM system is designed to have load stations with every floor from level 14 to 43 using the Gravity System for the 2 respective service apartments. Alternatively, the structure of Hilton Hotel along with Elements Mall is enhanced with the Full Vacuum system. Altogether, an estimated of more than 2 metric tons of waste is generated, thus the combination of hybrid AWCS simply makes smart business sense. Due for completion in 2014, Hatten City will simply be inspiring as far as modern living is concern.