Royal Malaysian Customs Office & Residential Complex Kelana Jaya
城市: 雪兰莪
国家: 马来西亚
项目开始: 2002
项目竣工: 2004
产业类型: 综合开发项目


STREAM 垃圾自动收集系统
系统类型: 重力真空输送系统
管道总长度: 800米
管道段数: 1
每日产生垃圾总量: 1.5公吨


Royal Malaysian Customs Kelana Jaya is one of our largest projects in South East Asia that has installed STREAM Gravity Vacuum System to accommodate 640 residential and office units. The system is specifically designed with safety in mind so that untrained users as well as children are able to use it . General waste can be disposed conveniently in multiple blocks. Individual block has one or more vertical riser pipes that connect waste hoppers in the disposal room on each floor of the building. The volumetric controlled hopper door is deliberately designed to prevent users from throwing bulky items, such as cardboards into the chutes, which has consequently encouraged waste separation at source. Users are encouraged to take these recyclable items to the designated disposal area.