Residential Developments

Nowadays, towns and cities face enormous challenges with the increasing amount of waste generated due to population and development growth. Developers, architects and planners are looking for the best waste management solution in order to add value to their developments and enhance quality of life. 

Every development is unique, STREAM consult, plan and tailor make our system to suit the individual development needs. With STREAM Automated Waste Collection Systems (AWCS) installed within luxury condominiums and landed properties, as well as outdoor areas, solid waste is conveniently disposed through the chutes and loading stations, directly transported via a pipe system to a sealed container.

Residents enjoy a cleaner and healthier living environment, free of odour and pests. In addition, the security level increases with the reduced amount of trucks and labour accessing the residential area.

Their investment is at par with future developments that will come complete with a built in infrastructure, which eliminates the need for manual waste handling.

The design of our loading stations and waste segregation systems encourage residents to separate their waste at source.  This revolutionary system moves solid waste from the source of generation to where it will be used most sustainably for the benefit of the environment.